It's no surprise — people aren’t satisfied with ‘traditional’ super funds, they lack transparency, choice and control. Enter TOMORROW Super... a superannuation fund that's going to shake things up!

TOMORROW Super are launching Australia’s first dedicated direct-to-consumer managed account, providing us with more flexibility and support when it comes to growing our nest eggs.

To position TOMORROW Super above the rest, we had to create something that really stands out.

Celebrating what makes TOMORROW Super different, we created a 132 page publication. Think coffee table book meets investor pitch — something you’re going to hold onto.

Working closely with TOMORROW Super’s CMO, we draw from their existing brand guidelines and palette and designed each section with care. Our main priority was building in a framework that allows investors to access content as needed. We implemented a tab system to break up information across 6 key subjects.

A series of space themed halftone photographs were introduced before section breaks to bring in a futuristic feel.

We love partnering with businesses who are pushing for change! Huge luck to the TOMORROW Super team — you guys are going to kill it!