Print isn't dead.

But let’s be honest, in an increasingly digital world it often gets overlooked, usually replaced by something that’s newer and shinier and compatible with iOS 11. And that’s okay! Really. We aren’t saying let’s all stomp on our Satnavs and rush back to those infuriating paper fold-up maps because that would be stupid.   

So print is redundant then? NO WAY. We know that when used at the right time an analogue approach can be a powerful thing. Here’s how:


To Inform

Most people prefer to read from a page than read from a screen, so if you’ve got a longer piece of text you’re going to have a lot more success with a printed version than a digital one. When IAB wanted to publish their guide to digital audio we created a snazzy little handbook because 78 pages of nicely laid out type is a lot better than one long wordy web page. See the full project here. 



To Delight

Hands up who thinks graphs are fun? Exactly. That’s why we love this project from Coming Soon that sees infographics reimagined in 3D, because who says annual reports have to be boring? It may not be a print project in the traditional sense but it’s still definitely a great example of how an analogue approach can be just as innovative. 




To Surprise

Some things simply can’t be replaced with technology, such as this light-sensitive invite designed by Bompas & Parr and printed by Make Good Prints Company. Created for an analogue themed awards ceremony, (see, it’s not just us harping on about this) these invitations were screen printed by hand using a special U.V. sensitive ink. We like.



To Find Out Who Would Survive A Zombie Apocalypse

Scientifically accurate? No. Fun? Yes. Last year we created a Halloween themed campaign for xAd (now GroundTruth) featuring these heat sensitive mugs. Only when filled with hot water would recipients find out if they survived the zombie apocalypse or became one. The campaign generated loads of new social following for xAd and gained tons of exposure for their product. Winner winner brains for dinner. Sorry. See the full project here.


Written by Lucy.