Time to kick back and take a crack at something new

At One Rise East we pride ourselves in our desire to constantly evolve and develop as a company, whether it’s through collaborative work we create with clients or the way we approach design briefs, we strive to answer any brief without limitations or boundaries.

But sometimes it’s good to take a pause from the hustle and bustle of the studio schedule and spend a bit of quality time together as a team learning new skills and techniques to expand our ever-growing creative outreach.

Soak It Up is a chance for us all to kick back and take a bit of time out having a crack at whatever takes our fancy. It could be trying out a new program, working on a new drawing technique, or even swatting up at something you’re a bit rusty at.

Our favourite story is the one about the graphic designer who one day wanted to test out the waters of After Effects and ended up becoming our head motion designer (I’m speaking of course about our one and only, multi-talented animation wizard, Mr Neil Kainth.)

Not just about improving technical skills, some members of the team used the chance to try some exercises in lateral thinking or looked into ways to improve things like time management and organisation.

As well as being a good chance to mix things up a bit and have a laugh, we have found this kind of internal development has a really positive effect on our project work, be that inspiring new ideas or generating creative content.

Written by Laurie.