Sometimes you find yourself staring at your screen engrossed in the finest detail and realise, shit! I haven’t muttered a word in over 4 hours, how is it already 6pm?

It’s easy to develop tunnel vision when you’re working solo. You’re thinking ‘yes that’s it – I’ve nailed this’ and it’s only then you realise that you haven’t asked a single person their thoughts before forwarding the work off to your client.


(Illustration by Paul Blow)

Getting ‘in the zone’ is an absolute necessity at times, especially if a deadline is fast approaching. But, I really believe that collaboration and open discussion can make all the difference.

I know it’s easy for me to say; work together, brainstorm, keep each other aware, invested and excited by your idea. But how? How can you actually incorporate this into your daily routine if you’re not already used to this way of working?  

We introduced a studio session every Friday called ‘Show & Tell’ (yes, just like school!). We give the entire team a chance reflect on their work, present their projects and fine tune their process. It’s a chance for the creative team to catch up with the production team, to swap learnings, inspiration, developments and news.

(Illustration by Ben White)

And the best part of it all? These sessions have positively impacted our workflow, output and culture by encouraging designers and producers to be more communicative and open about their workflow.



‘You have to abandon your ego. It’s the amalgamation of experiences, successes and failures that makes us better designers.’

Tristan Macheral from Landor Paris



By having the whole team together also allows you to undertake ‘market research’ by testing the concept you’ve been spending the last four hours perfecting. If the majority is sold on your idea then surely it must be the one!

Win win win!

Written by Ingrid