Always keen for a chance to get out of the studio and out of London, last week Rich and I set our alarms for 5am (feeling less keen at this point) and headed to the coast for an adventure. An adventure to Plymouth.

We had been invited back to our old university to take part in the Industrial Liaison Day, part of a 3rd year module called ‘Phasing Out’. While this may sound a bit like something from a rehabilitation centre timetable it’s actually a really great day that gives students the opportunity to present their work to industry folk in return for some expert advice and feedback before they graduate.


One really refreshing element was seeing so much editorial work, something Rich and I are both really interested in. It’s naturally a part of design the students would maybe be more suited to being on a typography course, but at a time when digital is playing such a role it’s great to see students being so enthusiastic about print and its place in design.


Rich and I, like all the other designers were pining over the amount of time students had on projects. Though impressively it seemed the students we met hadn’t wasted this opportunity, having vast amounts of research, and time spent exploring possible routes as design solutions. This seemed to really help the students talk through their own process and it was clear to see how this had informed their design.


The day was a really great experience for us – it was interesting to see things from the other side of the table and get to speak to new students and old lecturers. Building a strong partnership with the university is something we’re all really keen to do at One Rise East and we’re super excited to see what happens next.


P.S – Shoutout to all the great work and good luck to all the students!


Written by Jimmy