We love to collaborate between studios, and what better way to collaborate than creating our very own playlist!

We created a Spotify playlist – ORE Tunes and with it, a cover informed by a very simple brief; create a cover influenced by one of your selected songs in whatever medium you please.

Our APAC designer Jenny kicked off the cover for Volume 1.

Here’s a little insight into her process.

Loure is one of my absolute favourite DJs. His sound is very groovy and this cover was inspired by his track Smooth Talk.

My process started with me sketching along to the song and drawing what I heard. The track is quite layered and there are several parts working together and individually. I wanted to capture this in the cover; the smooth instrumentals layered over the jazzy beats.

The next stage of my process was transferring these sketches onto screen and designing around this idea of layering. Druk Condensed X Super was used for ‘ORE Tunes’ and was chosen because its narrow letterforms reminded me of old school live music jazz posters.

The colour choice and gradient was a little more literal; Smooth Talk is a track you listen to when you’re boogieing with your best mates and the sun is setting.

Check out what we’re listening to at ORE Tunes — Vol. 1

Stay tuned for ORE Tunes — Vol.2 in December!