A slightly less quintessential approach to the newly minted ten pence coins.


If you’re not an avid coin collector then it’s possible you aren’t aware of the new set of ten pence coins recently designed and released by the Royal Mint. The collection of 26 designs works as an A to Z that aims to celebrate all things ‘quintessentially British.’ Let’s just say in short, we weren’t huge fans.

Our Rationale

Enter Not My Money, our own redesign of the British A to Z. Where they thought P for post we thought P for pint. They chose I for ice cream we went with I for Irn-bru. We only agreed with the Royal Mint on one letter – N for the National Health Service.

The Coins

As we didn’t have our own minting machine, we released the final coins as individual social posts, with a colourful contextual background applied to each. The purpose of this was to create an impression of them as collectors items, whilst giving them a medium in which to be put into the public eye.


After creating our A-Z, we expanded the concept of Not My Money into a more vocal protest. A concept born out of a dissociation with the original Royal Mint designs, quickly developed into a full blown campaign with posters, animation, 3D design and responses from the media