How iconic moments in time are reflected in eBay's marketplace -
eBay at Cannes Lions, 2019

We started with the question – what is culture? After several brainstorm sessions we broke it down and decided that in this context, it’s four elements working in a constant cycle to achieve the attitudes and behaviours seen through the eBay marketplace.

From here, we gave this idea some further context and developed our concept statement for the project to give our creative work a solid foundation throughout the process.

We went big and bold in Cabana Town at Cannes Lions, and with Sydney based illustrator Elin Matilda, turned the eBay cabana into a shopfront full of iconic cultural products. eBay is a marketplace, with individuals and companies selling products to consumers. For advertisers, this means eBay has the data they need to effectively target their audiences. To create a physical shopfront which displayed culturally significant moments and the subsequent products sold on eBay, showed the pace at which the company moves with social culture and how in tune they are with buyers of today.

To connect the shopfront concept with eBay’s data, we created insightful touch-points through Persona representation and interactive totem poles that featured defined cultural moments with corresponding stats on eBay seller and buyer data.

Pulling together all of these details, we designed a private meeting space that was light and comfortable with bespoke furniture built by The Wood Fashioners, and colourful accessories to create a space that was creative and functional.