Our Slack channels are FULL of design inspiration.

We constantly are linking websites/branding/animations to each other, to inspire our future projects or just to share some cool shit we’ve found. The amount we’ve collected is awesome but sometimes we come across things that deserve a bit more attention.

So every now and then one of us will do a presentation to the studio to showcase some of our favourite things and open them up for discussion; in my case that was animation.

In the above, Vice managed to condense over a year’s worth of inspo into a one minute presentation; using a pleasantly frantic style that captured attention and allowed for quick jumps in content.

The great thing with a fast-paced presentation is that if you don’t recognise a headline it doesn’t cause you to lose any momentum – you’ll either get the jist, or something else will quickly come along that you will remember.

Making people react emotionally is easily the best thing you can hope for, especially when they’re things you felt only annoyed you (I’m looking at you dvd icon not hitting the damn corner.) Our laughter was immediately followed by a huge wave of empathy and the dramatically epic music definitely made this deserving of it going viral on social media.

In the animation above there were over 18 designers working on separate scenes combining a bunch of styles, weaved together seamlessly.

The way the different styles work with the emotion in the story is key. Beginning with dismal, generic stock footage and blue monotone watercolours to create a downbeat mood, it then transforms to a rich strong colour palette fitting perfectly with the growth and revelation in the narrative.

Sweet cover GIF by Slim Jim.

Written by Neil