A brief interview with the lovely Marek, one of our super talented Interior Design Creatives. Here we discuss his inspirations and his moonlight business, Funky Fellas!

First of all, tell us a little bit about yourself and the very first project you worked on as a designer. FYI the first piece I designed was a TERRIBLE magazine cover. But back to you…

So I have a bit of a weird background to be honest. Started to paint graffiti when I was 13, to improve my skills went to fine art school for 4 years. I was still doing murals from time to time in all sorts of derelict buildings. Always was fascinated by architecture of them. This pushed me to a design university. I ended up in an interior design course. Kind of took from there. But in general was exploring all medias of design and art at the early stage. First thing I designed was my grandpas green house, got paid in sweets.

What made you explore spacial design and why did you decide that would be your profession?

I did not until last year of university. Always was interested by 3D forms of the buildings and potential reuse by preserving the character of the space.


What would you say is your biggest inspiration/influence?

Behance hype is my inspiration!


You have a sock company called funky fellas. They’re great socks. Tell us a little bit more about why you started the company and how the funky fellas aesthetic was born…

Cheers mate, I was travelling for a while after my BA degree. In the meantime I had a sketchbook that I was populating on a daily basis. Once I came back I had an idea to realise some of the works. Always wanted to have my own designed socks. Problem was that there is no way you can make them in the smaller quantities. So I decided make more and try to sell. Risky business but a hell of an experience!

Have a look at the Funky Fellas website here!

Written by Rich