His name's Josh, he's a graphic designer, let's find out more about him.

First of all, tell us about a bit about yourself, where you from? How did you get to be working here at One Rise East?

I’m a 23-year-old designer from Meath, Ireland. I’ve been working at One Rise East since March, my education is primarily in graphic design but I‘m interested in other areas of design as well so joined the team here to learn more about spacial/environmental design too.


What was the first thing you ever designed?

The first thing that I can remember “designing” was a class project/competition when I was about 8 just to write a case study of a given country. My country was Angola, and the finished product which somehow was basically a book, was probably visually more extravagant than it needed to be.


How did you discover that it was graphic design that you wanted to do full-time?

No idea.


What would you say are your biggest inspirations/influences?

My strongest influences are Francis Mallmann, Robin Pecknold, Caleb Everitt & Ryan Rhodes, Claire Hungerford, Allah Las, Devendra Banhart and Fantavious Fritz.


You recently visited Vietnam, how the heck was that? Was it nice to get away from work and experience a culture so different and interesting? You get any snaps for us?

Vietnam was an incredible culture shock, the heat and the energy of the places we saw were different in a way that I had never experienced and it was definitely the furthest from home I’ve been. The cities are just way too manic but that just made it all the better when we worked our way up north to the mountains. Sa Pa was the definite highlight and hands down the most beautiful place I’ve ever been.



I’ve seen some of the prints/artworks you put on your gram and I think you had a magazine launch recently back home. Can you tell us a bit more about that project?

The prints I make in my spare time are visual experiments, all based around the same nature-based themes really and are just my own attempt to try and share a certain way of seeing/interpreting the way that things are or could be. The magazine, however, is really the venture of my friend Ellius, who is a freelance fashion photographer. Junior is a publication to showcase the work of young Irish photographers, I joined the Junior Press team this year to redesign the mag for its second issue, which was based around the theme of freedom.


Thanks for chatting Josh. Written by Rich.