When our friend Johnny asked for some help with his youtube channel we thought he was joking. Turns out he wasn't and what's more, his roast potato video is the stuff of legend.

Johnny mentioned one day that he ran a YouTube channel making cooking videos, all recipes made by the man himself of course, and asked if we had the time to put together a new logo. We joked with Johnny at the time and put the brief on the project board. Where it stayed. For weeks. Until finally we had some time and decided to treat it like any other brief that walked through the door.

If you watch one of his videos you realise that these are recipes that are incredibly thorough and accessible to anyone and everyone. Using good, local ingredients, a refreshing pace of cooking and a sense of humour to boot. If you haven’t dipped a toe in one of his soups yet, now is the time.

To help Johnny build in his quest for complete internet recipe takeover, we put together a pack of assets that included an organic custom typeface called JRK Sans, a colour palette that oozes in fun dinner parties spent in the kitchen and a few cheeky illustrations that not so subtly reference some of his favourite ingredients. Lastly, we led the way with some tongue in cheek tone of voice that really allows Johnny to express himself across all social channels.

It was a pleasure working so closely with the client on this one, always peering over your shoulder like a seagull spying your pasty (not made by Johnny). We wish you all the best with your endeavours and hope to have you back in the studio for a feast shortly, Johnny.