dmexco is over for another year. We’ve taken down the stands, packed up our things and eaten more chips and mayonnaise than we care to think about. But with the Bratwurst still fresh in our minds, we thought it would be good to do a rundown of the things that we know make the difference when it comes to having a standout space.


1 – Pay attention to detail

They say don’t sweat the small stuff but when it comes to stand design we think it’s those extra details that can transform a space from good to great. For Index Exchange this year we created a mid-century Mad Men inspired booth that won a ton of compliments and earned Index extra press coverage as a stand with ‘extra-personality.’ View the full project here.   



2 – Serve food and drink

Want to see your stand really packed out? Host a happy hour! Never underestimate the power of complimentary coffee and a free bagel to draw crowds at dmexco (and probably most events let’s be honest.) For Codewise this year we brought the super stylish Liquid Chefs to their stand in Cologne which was always busy. People came for the coffee but they stayed to check out the products on display at the integrated demo desk. View the full project here.

3 – Remember why you’re there

It’s easy to get distracted during the design process (A shiny new cocktail bar? GIMME! An ice sculpture? GREAT!) but it’s important to keep the overall goal in sight. Your space needs to maximise your return on investment and the design should reflect your objectives. If it’s small interactions with multiple clients you’re after then having standing demo-pods for short engagements is ideal. If your aim is to build relationships with existing clients then you can encourage longer interactions by creating comfy lounge areas and private meeting spaces. It’s no coincidence that our booth for OpenX featured a big grey corner sofa and colourful cushions (branded of course.) View the full project here.

4 – Have an interactive element

Let’s call this the x-factor, that extra special element that no one else has got. For Codewise at MWC earlier this year (okay, this wasn’t dmexco but we’re gonna talk about it) we brought 3D chocolate printers Candy Mechanics for a unique brand activation in their space. Crowds of delegates swarmed and Codewise gained global press coverage. Job done. View the full project here.