36 Days of Type is an increasingly popular social design experiment that encourages participants to design their own interpretation of a letter or number and share it on Instagram.


The outcome is a medley of striking, sometimes amusing, and often fascinating insights into contemporary design.

We utilised our ever brilliant and multi-talented studio to the cause, showcasing our talents by challenging each member of the team to submit one character of their choosing. Designers, production team and interns alike were encouraged to join in, resulting in brilliant and often surprising results with methods of design ranging from the illustration, film, animation, photocopying, 3D renders, paper-cutting, collages and even the twisty desk worm ‘El Pinko.

In the end, we garnered up to 723 likes, 413 views and lots more comments and followers in response to our efforts, as well as a healthy internal competition to see who got the most likes! (A prize won in both first and second place by our Senior Creative Lorena.)


On top of it being a laugh, 36 Days of Type has left all of us with the ambition to beat personal bests next year and put One Rise East on the alphabetical map!

Cover image by 36 days of type.

Written by Laurie